Alpasfit Challenges

Alpasfit Challenges


Humbly treading over rocky mountain trails, the bergskaap is known for its ability to navigate up and down treacherous mountain terrains. The well-conditioned bergskaap can comfortably eat vert every meal of the day.

10 000m of Vertical gain over 7 consecutive days is what it takes to be awarded the bergskaap badge!



Rarely do you find a bokkie that has lost the plot completely, one who finds pleasure in running vast distances for no apparent reason. Driven by unknown and indescribable factors, the “malbok” can easily trot distances beyond 200km.

Earn your “malbok” badge by enduring a single, non-stop run of 200km or more.


By the famous words of George Mallory, why climb the world’s highest mountain? “Because it is there.,.”

The rules are simple, the task is brutal. One mountain, one attempt (activity) to reach 8 848m in elevation gain. Choose your mountain wisely as it is the decent coupled with technicality that may lead to your demise. For official “Everesting stats” (if that is you thing) have a look at:

Tip: pack your climbing legs and most importantly your sense of humour!


At around 10 000m you start to reach the stratosphere and around 15 000m you are in an area with temperatures ranging between -15 to -51 degrees with only 20% oxygen and you can almost touch the ozone layer. Luckily you won’t need an oxygen tank or a space suit, you will however require some serious grit to get to 15 000m of vert.

*Please note:  One can’t obtain a #bergskaap and #stratos badge in the same 7-day attempt. If you fall short on the #stratos, get to 10 000m and you will get the #bergskaap badge!


Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest single free-standing mountain in the world, boasting with a summit of 5,895 metres above sea level. One mountain, one attempt (activity) to reach 5,895 m in elevation gain. Competing this noble challenge in daylight is certainly achievable for some and will make it possible to take on the spectacularly technical mountains out there. #goodluck


Welcome to the Calendar Club! Choose your month wisely.

This badge requires you to complete a km for the day of the month. For example, 1st of Feb run 1km, 2nd of Feb run 2km, 3rd of Feb run 3km… you get where this is heading. Ending off with a series of back to back runs that might have you wish for the next month!

Not for the faint of heart.

Wherever the road takes us, the higher, the further, the tougher, the better.
Alpasfit adventure fit crew is a collective of everyday athletes that is up for a challenge. They don’t wait for a specific event or bucket list adventure to challenge themselves. The only thing they need is for it to be weekend and set their sights on something that looks like it could be impossible to achieve.
If you want to join our crew please sign up and start collecting your badges. But before you just click sign up proceed with caution and see what you are in for.
Rules of engagement
1. You need to have completed at least 5 of our challenges to join the crew.
2. If you do any of this with a frown, you are out.
3. The more photos the better.