Stratos 15,000m

At around 10,000m you start to reach the stratosphere and around 15,000m you are in an area with temperatures ranging between -15 to -51 degrees with only 20% oxygen and you can almost touch the ozone layer. Luckily you won’t need an oxygen tank or a space suit, you will however require some serious grit to get to 15,000m of vert.

*Please note:  One can’t obtain a #bergskaap and #stratos badge in the same 7-day attempt. If you fall short on the #stratos, get to 10,000m and you will get the #bergskaap badge!


Challenge: Stratos 15000m

From: 28 Nov 2020

To: 4 Dec 2020

Total Time: 7 days

Challenge: #STRATOS 15000m

From: 27 Dec 2021

To: 2 Jan 2022

Total Time: 7days hr min