Trail Running Coach

Trail Running Coach

How We Change People’s Lives

We believe that running isn’t just a sport it’s a way of life. We’ve found through running that we create hope, help people reach their goals and that your life changes forever. To get started with a trail running coach, please contact us here.

We Coach

  • Trail running
  • Road running
  • Multi-sport


Struggling With

  • Motivation?
  • Training Inconsistency?
  • Injury
  • Feelings of Frustration

Then Alpasfit is the trail running coach for you! We’ve been there and we can guide you through your challenges to help you reach your full potential.

Finding Balance

Our 10 years experience as elite trail runners has taught us many things.

We’ve conquered injuries, lined up at the start of many different races and tackled various life challenges along the way. We’re constantly working to find the balance between family, faith, training and racing.

Let us help you to do the same.

We offer assistance with:

  • Personalised Coaching
  • Nutrition
  • Gear
  • Tapering
  • Recovery
  • & more!

There are many things that an athlete needs to think about during training and racing. Over the years we’ve managed to find many great methods that work. 

Strength Training

Strength training = Stronger runners = less injuries and better performance!

Time in the gym is very important, and we’ll help you maximise your benefit throught effective strength training.


Learn to recover like a pro, plan your taper and have fresh legs for race day.

Training Peaks

This platform is trail running coach’s ultimate assistant, and give us a detailed analysis your training load.