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Hi, I’m Lijan, a Salomon elite trail runner based in Stellenbosch. I’m passionate about nutrition, exercise, and leading a holistic lifestyle. I completed a BSc Honours in Human Physiology, in the Muscle Research Group, as my fascination with the human body was stoked by this sport.

Initially, I was a 800m & 1500m track athlete in high school, but I fell in love with trail running in 2017. I have over six years of experience racing in 20-42 km trail distances. While I enjoy shorter, faster trail races, I also love spending long days out in the mountains. To me, trail running is about leading an active, healthy lifestyle, looking after oneself and the environment. I’m happiest when I’m outdoors and feel that running is my freedom as it clears my mind and makes me happy.

In 2021 I completed my Post Graduate Certificate in Education, and I’m excited to use that knowledge along with my Honours degree to teach my athletes about the science behind running and how to listen to their bodies. Helping my athletes achieve their goals and making a positive contribution to their lifestyle is what motivates me each day.

My fundamental principle is consistency and with that comes sustainability. Running is a passion of mine and I want to do it for the rest of my life, just like I’m sure my athletes will want to. That’s why I believe in a holistic approach and strive to coach in accordance with my athlete’s unique physiology. For example, with my female athletes I like to take their menstrual cycle into account to optimise their performance. One of the mottos I live by is “health is wealth,” so your well-being always comes first.

Whatever level you are at, I am here as a voice of encouragement, support and belief to help you on your journey to your unique goal.


Lijan has hit the podium over fifty times in races like UTD, AfricanX, Maxi Race, Two Oceans Trail, Knysna Half, George MUT and UTCT. Her experience of racing at an elite level over the past few years will no doubt benefit all her athletes.

Some recent race results:

  • 2nd at Ultra Trail Cape Town (23km)
  • 1st at Dryland Traverse 4-day stage race
  • 6th at Otter African Trail Run (42km)
  • 1st at Two Oceans Trail (24km)
  • 1st at Knysna Half Marathon
  • 1st at George Mountain Ultra Trail (25km)
  • 1st at The Old Fishermans Trail Challenge
  • 2nd at Ultra Trail Drakensberg (32km)
  • 1st at AfricanX 3-day stage race
  • 1st at Sanlam Cape Town Trail
  • Sierre Zinal Switzerland elite finisher sub 4h (first European race)