SkyRun Heroes

SkyRun Heroes

some inside stories from the top of the world
SkyRun 2019

Just a glimpse of some of the gear you need to complete this Ultra. “I left out my water bottles, hydration pack, bladder, sarmies and rain jacket..the floor didn’t have enough space.” – Hendrik de Beer ran the 100km SkyRun.

Gear can make or break your race. Using your race gear on long runs is an essential part of your race day preparation.
Finding out what works for you and what doesn’t is key.
Practice, practice, practice!

Grobler Basson – 2nd in 100km 
I had one objective, to race against the sun, chasing a daylight finish and dont overthink the race.  I decided not to set a pacing chart or watch the clock, rather focus on making good decisions and listening to the body. The first 57km I had to work hard for my miles and felt the altitude like a handbrake. It was only after Balloch (after chomping down a croissant with lots of butter, cheese and marmite) while climbing the Wall I felt like things are starting to flow nicely and I managed to pick up some pace (and catch a few guys).

I was able to run a respectable pace the entire way until Edgehill and only learned of my position at that stage. Bridal path had me for breath again (obviously), however seeing the bigest ringkals snake in my life just before the climb ensured the adrenalin got me to the top. I felt amazing (albeit somewhat dehydrated) running between Bridal and the Turn and realised I was about 60min ahead of my best case prediction. A quick stop at the Hut for a cold glass of coke got me up Halstones peak and raasbekkie’s voice got me off in a flash! What a day ???????? one for the books!

Ben van Niekerk – 6th in the 65km
One of the highlight races of my running career. Extremely tough but felt calm and in control from start to finish line. Awesome seeing what your body is capable of on a consistent, goal oriented training plan.

Results from our Heroes: 
Grobler Basson 2nd in 14:49⠀
Hendrik De Beer in 22:47 ⠀
Erika Basson 27:30⠀
Karla Smit 27:30 ⠀

Kristen Heath 4th in 6:11⠀
Chantell Moss in 14:27