The first Malbok

The first Malbok

"Sunrise is meant to be shared with those closest and that morning will be with me forever." - Stan

This is the story of Stanley Reed: The first person to complete the 200km’s-in-one-go Malbok badge!

So 8:00 am Friday morning we set off, myself and Sandra Le Roux had plans to run 200km on the R355. Going was good from the start and we managed to bank good miles early. Our support was stopping every 5km or so (I’d make it 10km next time) to fill up on nutrition and provide some words of encouragement, which is always good.

70km in, Sandra started doubting herself. Let me tell you, you need to back yourself 100% from the beginning – otherwise you are doomed. So there I was set to complete the task alone. Into the sunset I went and to be honest, those first “alone” km’s were great. One breath, one stride, was awesome. But the night was long and alone in the dark and thankfully Sandra took on the job of pacing at 105km.

As sun was about to rise on the Saturday, Janine (wife and best second in the world) joined me for a couple of km’s while Sandra followed in our vehicle. Sunrise is meant to be shared with those closest and that morning will be with me forever.

Sandra once again took on the job of pacing.

At 160km we decided that Sandra should head home with her family as they still had some daylight left. That left me with the task of the last 40km alone, in 38° with a headwind that would put our Cape winds to shame.

As things have it, a good friend of ours arrived and joined my wife in waiting at the finish line. 35km of pure pain for me, but I would go back to that spot in a heartbeat to feel so alive. So pure. It’s a truly unbelievable feeling.

What I’ve learnt is that things happen for a reason, embrace it. If someone offers help, take it. You never know what’s around the next corner.

As we drove out I realized that the route from North to South would be a much better option. So yes, I think a down run next year is on the cards…