Family, Training and Work

Family, Training and Work

Where to Start?
Family Series #1

Have you ever felt like you need an extra hour in a day? That there’s simply not enough time to get things done? That you’d like to spend time with your family, work and get fit? Then you find yourself thinking, “Yeah right, I can’t juggle.”

We’re here to say that you can at least try! It won’t always be a flawless performance but the more you practice the better you’ll get.

Alpasfit and Family

We really get it! Juggling these things ourself as well as having athletes who do the same has inspired us to write our family series. This is a 3 part series sharing stories from some of our Heroes with families, our own experience as well as sharing some tips that help us make it all work!

Janeske’s Story // How to include your Family:

For me, training & family time are not always easy to manage, but it definitely helps to have a coach which gives me structure, keeps me focused on my goals and is my reminder of what I do for myself.

The key for me and where a training programme helps, is being organised and to plan in advance, so everything is in my calender (from kids activities & school projects/exams, to work tasks/meetings/travelling, also dates with the kids, dates with hubby, weekend fun stuff & training sessions)

I’d say that to balance training & family time is similar to work-life balance in that there is no set way of achieving it, but one needs to try different things and then do what works for you and your family.


Some ideas from Janeske:

  • Discuss your training goals with my family
  • They join in where they can (on bikes, in the pram or short runs)
  • Stretch with you kids (helps for those growth pains)
  • Recovery swim sessions are also great for taking the family along. Everyone does couple lenghts and then it’s fun time in the pool thereafter!