Hugh Hacking Completes the Tot Dret

Hugh Hacking Completes the Tot Dret

10 000m elevation gain? Crazy right?
Not for Hugh Hacking

Have you ever planned to run for 39 hours? Well Hugh Hacking did.

He conquered a great battle of the mind, finishing the Tot Dret 130km in 38:58:53. His goal was to come in under 39 hours and he did it. This was no small feat with over 10 000m elevation. 2900m was over the first 16km. 432 people started the race and only 208 finished.

His words…

“The toughest part was battling nausea at 2500m altitude. I tried to spend as little time as possible on top of the peaks. Running at night actually saved me in a sense, it was easier for me to run those steep peaks when I couldn’t see what was coming.”

What worked:

  • Eccentric strength training.
  • The Alpasfit Program.
  • A proper Hydration strategy.

Hugh is in the process of recovering from this awesome race. We’re looking forward to seeing what he decides to conquer next.